BOGLE Pinot Noir


BOGLE Pinot Noir

545,000 ₫

Tuân thủ Nghị định số 94/2012/NĐ-CP của Chính phủ về sản xuất, kinh doanh rượu, Cork and bottle không mua bán rượu qua mạng internet. Đây chỉ là một website giới thiệu nhà hàng và sản phẩm. Quý khách có nhu cầu xin liên hệ số điện thoại 08.38220007 hoặc đến cửa hàng tại địa chỉ số 07 Thái Văn Lung, Quận 1 đễ được tư vấn trực tiếp. Chân thành cảm ơn !


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Product Description

Vineyard Source:
Russian River Valley, Monterey and Clarksburg
Barrel Program:
10 months in French and American Oak
Release Date:
December, 2014
Wine pH:
Wine Acidity:
Alcohol: 13.5%
0 80887 49631 8

Served Best With

While you should feel free to enjoy this wine with nearly
any food pairing, a few of our favorites are:
• Swiss Chard Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce
• Mushrooms sautéed with Garlic and Wine
• Teleme Cheese with Cherry Preserves

Additional Information




Pinot Noir


United States

Price per bottle

500.000đ – 1.000.000đ

Bogle winemakers have sourced fruit from the best growing regions in California for the varietal.  The terroirs of the cool Russian River Valley, coastal Monterey hills and the unique Clarksburg Delta all grow fruit of character and distinction.  Combined, the resulting wine is elegant, classic Pinot Noir.Floral notes of violets and fragrant strawberries resonate throughout this wine, while touches of green tea add complexity and nuance.  The sophisticated mouthfeel is vibrant with layers of cherry fruit, yet balanced by comforting leather and pipe tobacco.   A combination of French and American oak makes quite an impression, leaving lingering earth tones and graceful tannins behind.